Chronos application represents an alternative means of highlighting digital exhibits and significant events of cultural Operator. Visitors can navigate through the content of the Operator taking advantage
of the chronological and semantic labeling and categorization thereof. The content of this application is entirely dynamic, easily manageable and adaptable both to the user’s preferences for information and
to the modules capacity whereby the latter gains access thereto.
Chronos application is both available in vertical and horizontal display with many default templates to be chosen by the Operator.

Specific characteristics of the application are as follows:

- Scalability above and below the temporal scope displayed in the user’s unit (zoom in/out).
- Capacity to move the timeline forward - back (via scroll up/down)
- Automatic arrangement and configuration of the content to be visually comprehensible to users (e.g. case of coincidence of numerous displayed exhibits/events).
- Parallel display of more than one different time series.
- Capability to make comments on content
- Capacity to integrate users content (through a verification process) in exhibition

Chronos application is completely interconnected with Scarabaeus.DAM but it can be easily interfaced with third collection management systems. The completely responsive design application allows access from both PC and mobile devices.